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Seeking Jesus in Spite of Yourself

Do you suffer with pain and anguish from a life of abuse?

Do you find yourself entangled in an affair and guilt-ridden by sin? Have you ever felt so alone that your thoughts left you considering the insignificance of your life?

Do you often question why God allows you to suffer?

If you are searching to be free from the heartbreaking and distressing wounds that are impacting your life, Seeking Jesus in Spite of Yourself can help. This motivational and inspirational guide will help you search for and understand God’s blessings in your pain and misery.

In this poignant memoir, Nancy takes you along with her through a life of suffering and hardships as she constantly questions the Lord as to why He is allowing such things to happen to her. She also leads you through the darkest hours of her battles to gain knowledge of her purpose in life. It is on a remarkable and extraordinary trip to the Holy Land that she meets Jesus and finds salvation. While in Israel, God opens Nancy’s eyes, shows her all the blessings in her life, and teaches her to let go of the torment of her past and present.

Pick up Seeking Jesus in Spite of Yourself today and be inspired. After reading Nancy’s powerful and compelling story of heartbreak and triumph, you will realize you are not alone or abandoned.

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