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Visions From God on Canvas

“Visions from God on Canvas” is a compilation of oil paintings from which Nancy Marcinik had been blessed to receive in a vision. Please note that Nancy has not had any prior professional training in oils, art, sketching, etc. All paintings are originated from a vision given by God that may coincide with scripture or a powerful moment in her walk with Jesus and sometimes just for fun. Her paintings are greatly anointed depicting amazing detail of God’s calling upon her life and have an incredible influence upon those who are touched by them.

Throughout her endeavors in painting, Nancy has asked for considerable help and instruction from the Lord, who informs her of colors, mixes and blends. There are times when she can't seem to figure out what she is actually seeing in her spirit so Nancy inquires of the Lord inviting Him to take her hand and show her. It never ceases to astound Nancy what the Lord reveals to her.

Please visit the "Store" link above to see for yourself the anointed creations that have come from these visions. Exceptional reproductions are executed where each painting is customized with added touches performed by the artist herself giving your reproduction its own originality. No two reproductions are alike.

You will certainly be blessed to own a beautiful and inspiring painting of your own. Currently, paintings are reproduced on canvas board unless otherwise noted. However, if you would prefer a painting on watercolor paper, photographic prints or standard photographic prints, please contact Hearts of Light via email to discuss costs. Customization of print may not be available.

Paintings do not include any framing. Shipping costs will be determined upon sale and are responsibility of buyer. 

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