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Hearts of Light Ministry is a 501C3 tax-deductible, non-profit, organization that

 depends heavily on the generosity of those whose hearts seek to enlarge the

Kingdom of God here on Earth. Without donations, Hearts of Light is limited 

in the services it desperately desires to employ to enrich those 

who are struggling in darkness.


Hearts of Light is pleased to announce the availability of 

Using for donations eliminates fees and service charges.

 Just download the app onto your smart phone and send your donations 

to: $NMarcinikHOL


To ensure you receive credit for your donation, 

please email your name, address, and amount donated 



If preferred, you may send you tax deductible check to:

Hearts of Light

807B North Route 15

Dillsburg, PA 17019


May the Lord richly bless you

for your heartfelt contributions.


Please consider becoming a monthly partner

You will be greatly blessed.



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