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Hearts of Light

Hearts of Light was founded and recognized as a ministry to fulfill God’s plan. Hearts of Light has been commissioned by the Lord to bring His Glorious Light into a dark and dying world. It is a ministry called to awaken the sleeping church, to open hearts to be filled with the oil of Joy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and turn from the deceitfulness of the devil. It is a ministry designed to free the captives, heal the sick, cast out demons and awaken a sleeping church.

Hearts of Light provides in-depth and extensive face-to-face analysis of those suffering from the bondages of life-crippling hardships and trauma. Hourly sessions are scheduled based upon availability and requested frequency essential to arrive at the desired result of freedom. Many have been delivered of anger, rejection, suicide, addiction, depression, anxiety, pain, etc. (even bipolar). Hearts of Light gets to the root of the issue to set the captive free and heal the brokenhearted. Successful treatments have resulted in life changing blessings to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Hearts of Light provides Outreach services for those who have been victimized through domestic violence and abuse. Hearts of Light seeks to provide whatever means is necessary to assist the victim. These services may include counseling, housing, food, clothing, transportation, attorney, etc. Because of the hardships many have suffered, Hearts of Light is in desperate need of funding so these services may continue.   

Hearts of Light travels to venues worldwide preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ and calling down the Fire of the Holy Spirit for healing and deliverance. Hearts of Light speaks light into a dark and dying world to overcome the darkness encroaching upon it. Minister Nancy Marcinik testifies to her triumph in overcoming heartbreaking hardships of molestation and abuse and how she found a Savior, whom she cried out to all her life, yet never knew. 

For behold, the Lord has put His words into her mouth. (Jeremiah 1:9) Hearts of Light has been privileged thus far to speak in Barbados, St. Lucia, Nicaragua and various places throughout the Eastern U.S. 

Events may be scheduled by contacting Hearts of Light.



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